DreamBox Gallery and Cup &Spoon present Chicago Artist Month 2014:


Friday, October 3 – Thursday, October 30, 2014.


Friday, October 3rd, 2014, 6pm -10pm

DreamBox Gallery and Cup & Spoon present a dialogue about multicultural identity within our neighborhoods and beyond. Voices of poets, writers and artists will contribute to cultural exchange and provide a deeper understanding of the experience of ‘otherness’.

Featured artist:

Lloyd DeGrane will present new series of photographs from Domestic Issues, which reveal personal moments within a parameters limited to the place where Americans live and the place they call home. Since late 1990s, Lloyd DeGrane has been photographing people vacuuming their rugs, folding their laundry, pressing buttons on their remote controls, mopping their floors and many other daily routines.  He has “realized that these seemingly mundane ways people do something in their everyday lives says a great deal of what’s going on with the rest of us.”

Lidia Rozmus is a Polish born artist, living in America and following her passion for Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics. One Brush Stroke series of sumi-e and haiga paintings evoke a feeling of meditative pause in the moment that goes beyond the artist cultural borders and finds balance within multicultural experience.  This kind of painting is closely associated with Zen Buddhism and relies on simplicity of thought, action, and form to create works of understated beauty.

Lidia Rozmus exhibition is a continuation of WOW Frequency – DreamBox Gallery’s collaboration with Cup & Spoon.  Sharing a vision of showcasing emerging and established artists, DreamBox Gallery and Cup & Spoon fuel the community with energy, art, ideas and conversation.

Poetry and flash fiction will be presented in the garden of DreamBox Gallery.

Featured poets: Tracey King, Joanna Kurowska, Aleksander Najda, Phillip Edward Van Lear

Flash fiction: Brandon Holmes, Ruth Lopez and Sunita V. Pillay

Lloyd DeGrane: Domestic Issue Series
Lloyd DeGrane: Domestic Issue Series
Lidia Rozmus: One Brushstroke Series
Lidia Rozmus: One Brushstroke Series

Website: www.dreamboxgallery.com