Pastel Paintings & Monoprints by Mark Price

Mark Price transforms his pastels from imagination to reality by using primitive tools introduced centuries ago coupled with new techniques learned through experience. He has traveled extensively in the Rocky Mountains, the Caribbean, and Europe where he immersed himself in the urban landscape creating a large portfolio of work. He also enjoys painting plein air, capturing the mood, light, and character of a location. From a distance his paintings appear as a landscape or figure, but as the viewer gets closer, the piece often looks abstract and features a pixelated or cube-like pattern. Mark also creates one-of-a-kind monoprints using the pure pigments of pastels — an entirely unique form of art. He recently earned membership into the prestigious International Association of Pastel Artists Master Circle — less than 250 members worldwide are awarded this designation.

On view through November 6.

Opening Receptions:
Saturday, September 24, 6-9pm — Live Music, too!
Saturday, October 22, 6-9pm

18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL