Delisha McKinney’s Madonna Series

Chicago-Based artist Delisha McKinney will be releasing a new series of paintings September 29th to October 9th at Elephant Room Gallery (704 S Wabash Ave., Chicago). An opening reception will be held on Friday, September 30th from 6 to 9pm. Additional open hours will be Oct. 1st 12-5pm, Oct. 4th 10-2pm, Oct. 7th 6-8pm, Oct. 8th 12-5pm & Oct. 9th 1-3pm. Those interested in the collector’s preview can email

The Madonna Series explores the idea of divinity through the artist’s own re-imagination of the Black Madonna. In this series, women are portrayed, partially nude, with their children. Gold crowns, halos, linens and various other symbolism are used throughout the work. In line with her signature style, these paintings harken back to childhood and memories of fairy tales. The narrative of these Madonnas is not one of a specific religion but rather of the divinity found within a woman’s ability to carry, birth and nurture new life, as well as her own. 

About the Artist

Delisha currently resides on the Westside of Chicago where she creates paintings of child-like perspectives and narratives. Inspired by Bill Watterson’s comics, and the late great Dr. Seuss, Delisha defiantly does it for the kids. She speaks of their dreams and nightmares, their potential and their sadness, and would rather view them as “little people sorting out their emotions”, and not just as “children”. Her imagery of children and toys speaks of those experiences hidden in the adult psyche in detail.; evoking imagination in us all.

Elephant Room Gallery
704 S Wabash Ave. Chicago