Yangzi Xu

Artist Statement 

I have discovered something magical about city streets and weather. The reflection of car lights and traffic signals on a rainy day, the blurry silhouettes of buildings when the streets are snow-covered, the endless play of light and weather — these elements dominate my art. 

My primary medium is oil and I paint fluid and rough strokes with both brush and palette knife, using a limited color palette that’s intended to be evocative. My main intent is not to capture the physical reality of a scene, but to express my own moods and feelings, as well as to trigger personal memories and emotions in my audience as they form their own interpretation of each piece.

Artist Bio

Although Yangzi got her degree in business, she discovered her artistic calling about ten years ago, and has been painting ever since. She is represented by UGallery, a leading juried online gallery. Yangzi has won local and national awards, and participated in juried group shows. Her works are collected by private collectors from many parts of the world.

Website: www.yangzixuart.com