When People Could Fly II by Langston Allston – November ’22

Our 2022 in-house exhibition lineup will culminate this November 5th, 2022 to feature the work of nationally celebrated New Orleans-based artist, Langston Allston. This exhibition is a continuation of Langston’s 2017 “When People Could Fly” solo show, where he shined a light on shared struggles, from educational injustice to unequal access to opportunity, shared histories, moments, and experiences within his community. His work has taken him around the world, but the city of Chicago remains close to his heart as the birthplace of his career, and as an enduring inspiration for his artistic expression.  

“When People Could Fly II” will continue to share the narrative of the artist’s personal experiences through the lens of members of the communities he has connected with while traveling across the United States. For this exhibition, Langston presents a collection of 100 illustrative works on paper, original paintings, and a limited edition print.

The show will open Saturday November 5, 2022 from 6-10 pm in the All Star Press gallery, at 2775 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL.

The show will also be displayed through a virtual gallery tour on our website beginning November 7, when it will also go live for purchasing. Finally, the show will remain up in the gallery until November 27, 2022. Please stop by! 

To inquire about this exhibition or for more information on All Star Press Chicago, please contact us at hello@allstarpresschicago.com or call 773-766-4060.