Writer Formerly Known As Cristina Chopalli.

Cristina earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University. She is currently writing a memoir about identity, dysfunction, and family.

“I am a survivor of trauma. A daughter, the first born child of an intelligent, but disadvantaged woman. My father was biological and never a daddy. I scribbled with crayons and cut with scissors to express what I could not say and be who I could not be—until now. My return to visual arts re-parents the little girl inside me.”

Utilizing unabashed neons, pastels, and classic black and white pairings the artist layers canvas with the hunger of individual and universal consciousnesses. Cristina exposes tribalism’s limitations through harmonic layers of delineated lines and fluid forms. Binaries converge on canvas creating myriad worlds of resolved dissonance. Cristina’s acrylic infused brush strokes explore the necessity of sorrow and joy, the rational and irrational, science and spirituality, and separation and cohesion. 

Cristina’s current body of work, Push Through The Corona: Observations of a World in Crisis, reflects transitory human conditions amid the pandemic’s unimaginable chaos. 

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