Tim Brandt

About Shaking Arts –

Many moons ago I did graduate college with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. But life took me down another path and I never really did anything professionally with this degree in the art world. I harbor no regrets for that happening. It was an interesting and fulfilling journey.

Fast forward almost 20 years. Life throws me a hard curveball. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Let’s just say the diagnosis was a kiss and a kick. A kiss meaning that I finally know what is going on with me. The kick is I finally know what is going on with me. The relief of knowing gave me a direction. It’s the path of dealing with it that is difficult.

After several months of my official diagnosis I realized just how much I was struggling with coping. I was going to a local support group but it just wasn’t helping. Where I live there aren’t a lot of people my age with this disease. Mostly people 20 years or older that have had it for 10 or more years. But one meeting I was told about a convention slash symposium being held in Chicago. So I go to this and in the reception area are stations displaying and selling art done by fellow Parkys (my term deal with it). Most of these people had no formal art training. It just something they found within themselves to do when they couldn’t sleep or to relieve stress. It hit me – I was such a fool. I should be doing something with my art like these wonderful people. The experience was amazing and comforting and soul cleansing.

So a little while after this I was walking the beach and picking up some beach glass. Being that I am a beach bum I do this regularly. I get home from the walk and took the day’s catch of glass and put them on the counter and took a shower. When I got out I looked at the glass and the pieces looked like a flower. So I was arranging them around and started to think about what I could do with this. I hop in the car and head to the store to get some supplies and I started to sculpt that night. A few pieces in and I believe I have found something to do – my art has found its home again.

Expansion and growth as an artist begins. As my PD plays tricks with my body I learn that some days manipulating these small pieces of glass can be very difficult some times. This became frustrating and depressing, the complete opposite of the intention and purpose of sculpting. So I needed to come up with a plan B when these nights happened. This opened the door to charcoal.

Several drawings in my friends tell me I should sell some. So from word of mouth I started to sell a few pieces. More encouragement from friends and suggestions of starting a website found me pondering, what if. So with my humor in tow the birth of Shakingarts.com has taken place.

So please join me on this new journey and let’s see where it leads. I have met some wonderful people so far and look forward to meeting more and growing as an artist. This site will evolve and grow and I would hope you will be a part of it.

Website: www.shakingarts.com