The Proximity of Silence

DreamBox Gallery presents:

PHOTOGRAPHY by Iwona Biedermann – The Proximity of Silence

JULY 13 – AUGUST 28, 2015

The Proximity of Silence is about investigation of time and motion. It focuses on photographing landscape with digital pinhole camera and transcending the photographed places into poetic visual experiences.

Biedermann opens herself to what is there to be discovered – the recognition of simple forms of energy within the color and light, texture and shadow. This interplay is translated to images that penetrate the passage of time, through long exposure of pinhole camera.

The presence of camera always alters the reality, but our perception of reality leaves a lot to the imagination. The blurry content of the image is like concealed memory returning to a moment or place of emotional experience.
“Anything you see, anything you know or anything you shall see, anything you shall know will remain only for a while!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan
The experience of the moment becomes a dialog between impressions and meaning, were the element of time and nature transform the landscape beyond its recognition. A new sense of place is created, like a new memory. It is unexpected, never static and always in the making.

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