The Never Ends

A Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Delisha McKinney

Elephant Room Gallery is excited to be exhibiting new work by Chicago-based artist, Delisha McKinney in a solo exhibition called “The Never Ends”. The exhibition opens online and by viewing appointment only on March 12th.

“The Never Ends” is a collection of imaginative narratives based on the black experience from the perspectives of children. Delisha draws from her own personal experiences growing up in Chicago. The whimsical nature of Delisha’s work draws you in and holds you there. Bright colors are against dark ones, repetitive child-like symbols appear, gestures of the characters are full of emotion and fairytale-like imagery invites us in with open arms. Each piece is a story, precious in nature like a child, but deep in meaning like the process of growing up and coming to understandings about the world. 

The eyes of the characters in Delisha’s paintings are round and blank, allowing an eerie innocence to reveal itself. Children view the world through eyes based on their experiences growing up. A sense of wonder and adventure can also be coupled with fear or sadness. The wonders of nature, family and friends, holding stuffed animals close and our imaginations can become life-lines. All of these elements play an integral role in this body of work. We may realize that much of what we needed as children, we continue to need as adults. Delisha is able to simultaneously address both the innocence of children and the moment of innocence lost. The personal nature of her work as she draws from her own life experiences, allows for an honesty in the work that creates a profound connection between the viewer, the painting and the artist. It is hard not to feel something when viewing this work.

Delisha currently resides on the Westside of Chicago where she creates paintings of child-like perspectives and narratives. Inspired by Bill Watterson’s comics, and the late great Dr. Seuss, Delisha defiantly does it for the kids. She speaks of their dreams and nightmares, their potentials and their sadnesses, and would rather view them as “little people sorting out their emotions”, and not just as “children”. Her imagery of children and toys speaks of those experiences hidden in the adult psyche in detail; evoking imagination in us all.

“The Never Ends” will open online and by viewing appointment only on March 12th at Elephant Room Gallery, located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago. The exhibition will run through April 10th. Viewing appointments can be scheduled by contacting and the exhibition can be viewed on the gallery’s website: