Sherie Sloane

Painting is my escape, my wings towards being always close to those that matters to me the most.

Wherever I travel, my brushes and paints go with me, to capture the world’s magnificent sceneries and subjects. Oftentimes, the palettes of colors in the skies are the first to seize my imagination and inspire me.

My paintings are celebrations of special people, places and moments, mostly painted and finished on location. Painting ‘en plein air’ allow me to become one with my subject.

I love the spontaneity of painting in watercolors. Retaining the freshness of the paper and paint while quickly delving on each brushstroke is a challenge I have come to embrace. It requires thoughtful planning and wistful creative instinct. Giving in completely to ‘touch and go’, resisting the urge of going back and winning over the fear of losing the transparency watercolor has been revered for.

Art is part of me. I hope to share the many beautiful gifts there is in life in every brushstroke. To whom much is given, much is expected. Knowing that my artworks benefit underprivileged kids and help inspire other artists – both young and old – are my greatest rewards.