Shar Coulson


Embracing the essence of Organic Abstraction, Shar Coulson’s work reflects her love of nature. Working intuitively, Shar explores the idea of perception vs. reality within the allusive figuration, gestural line work and organic forms found in her paintings. Nature is by far her greatest inspiration because of its randomness and complex beauty. Her heightened ability to see recognizable objects in otherwise unrelated patterns guides her process… animals, plant-like forms or figures often appear and often are embraced. She was formally trained in classical figurative realism, yet finds her passion runs deepest in the world of abstraction. Her sensibility is also deeply informed by a successful career as a designer and executive creative director. Shar exhibits both nationally and internationally. She lives and works in the Near West Side Market District of Chicago, Illinois, USA.


My approach to painting is a direct result of letting go of what I know and opening my mind and heart to the freedom of creating something from nothing. Nature with it’s unpredictability and complex beauty is by far my greatest inspiration. I think of each painting as a visual poem, inspired by the space between the wind and the water, the fauna and the flora. When the color, texture and gestural shape-matter come together harmoniously, the painting becomes itself.

“Each free-flowing exploration is only complete when the abstract touches the familiar…that point when something definite has been created, but its mystery is still intact.”