Robert Sebanc

The act of making art is the journey that I experience, realizing the implications of why, and what my art has become. It is the complex and diverse human histories that shape who I am and my place in the world. It is a world with its footings in relationships and knowledge. Things that I felt, saw, imagined, and emotions that were conveniently left by the side of the road are markers in the reality of the self that need to be revisited. Looking behind myself to see what I know is there yet won’t consider, can turn my moment inside out. Without this heightened state of past reality my relationship with the self cannot exist. Traditions and the judgments of others have given way to the understanding that where I used to look for a deeper understanding of our culture is merely an image associated with it. With this exploration of the self comes a symbiotic journey into the other end of the self. Through abstraction, I strip away all aspects of the self and explore the space occupied by the many sides of who I am. Through my work I am exploring the many different sides of the self, and the worlds that are viewed through them.