Rick Clubb

While attending Western Illinois University to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I brought with me youthful feelings and emotions to empty easels and to the void jaw vises of a woodworking bench to embrace the fundamentals of art. In a community of students I sought advice, gained experience and found an individual avenue to express my art.

I learned skills and techniques taught by dynamic teachers like the Department of Watercolor’s Professor Bruce Bobick, expressionist Joel Smith, and sculptor Preston Jackson. Later my influence came from University of Illinois Chairman Department of Art, Glenn Schmidt, and portrait painter/author Daniel Green.

Today I aspire to Bruce Bobick’s statement; “the finality of painting holds an idea”.

I began a career drawing storyboards for ad agencies … it was a job interpreting a diversity of ideas from art directors, then drawing the artwork they successfully sold to their respective advertising client’s campaigns. The long list of agency clientelle and their repeat business in the Chicago metro area as well as businesses on the East and West coast honored my efforts with the acclamation of success.

Today I sculpt figurative studies and portraits in wood and epoxy resin of bronze and copper embellished with patinas. Realism is my approach in painting with mediums of watercolor and casein paint. My main areas of interest include American draft horses, urban landscapes – particularly of downtown Chicago – Jazz musicians, and portraits.

In subject matter I look for the feeling of “place” in landscapes enriched with ideas and color schemes.

I see the powerful history of man with equine brothering… working as one with good intention.

Website: www.rickclubb.com