Peter T. Xiao

PETER TONG XIAO, American, Born in Beijing, China
3196 Marynoel Avenue, Bettendorf, IA 52722, USA
Studio (309) 269-3548; Office (309) 794-7172; Email:

My recent works comment on history, the human condition and present reality of the pandemic. Casato di Sotto and Seamstresses Not Little came after an exciting stay in Siena, Italy, two years back, negotiating depth and flatness of the pictorial space and figure-ground relations. After Uccello extends the Florentine master’s macabre drama to fantasize the global reality of profit-driven capitalism. Straw Hat, Man and Globe in Reverse and Bird and Globe, No. 1 are samples of my effort to put down things in a matter of fact manner. A globe, a straw hat, a human figurine, shoes for man, woman and children, ties from a professor who taught me color, and a dead bird from the sidewalk, all things have meaning. Seeing and putting things down in paint is daunting and poignant enough.