Peter Bucks

Creating an oil painting is like sculpting an illusion of light on a two dimensional surface. I am identifying light that has the honest feel of nature and how the light affects its form and color. I focus on the essence, personality, and nature within it. The composition begins with piecing together larger shapes and refining them until they have a natural flow and a pleasing feeling to the viewer.

My artistic vision includes capturing the attributes of life and revealing the experience of those moments in portraiture and figurative art, thereby representing the emotions and feelings of a
person. With the use of oil paint, brushes and panels I am conveying the interactions of work, play, love or melancholy in a moment of time. I identify these attributes of our spirit in landscapes, still life and portraiture. The people I paint are individuals I may meet by chance, close friends or family members. The finished art work is harmonious to my vision of beauty and craftsmanship.