Hofheimer Gallery: No Space Between Us

Artists: Teresa James & Fred Stonehouse
Dates: September 3 — 25, 2021Opening Reception: Friday, September 3, 5 to 8pm

While Teresa James spent time secluded in the Wisconsin woods during the pandemic, she was inspired by a different kind of silence. She had read an article on how bird behavior had changed during this time, as noise pollution by humans had significantly decreased and therefore, birds didn’t have to shout anymore to be heard. No Space Between Us is a body of work that reminds us of our role here on Earth. We need each other, and even social distancing can’t keep us apart. Hopefully we have been reminded not to take one another for granted and that charity and love do prevail. Like the birds of the sky, voices are heard again, this time with a clarity and a message of kindness and that one can always have hope.

The narratives in Fred Stonehouse’s work suggest the mythic as seen through the lens of the everyday. Subjects as big as life and death, love and loss, culture and politics commingle with the mundane details of daily life; bits of overheard conversation, glimpsed moments from the personal lives of others, advertising, media, work, etc. His work is a fabric woven from these various threads and any point in that fabric has an interesting particularity, but when taken together, those points arrive at a compelling psychological whole. 

Image: (left) Teresa James, The Author of All That is Good (Detail), Drawing collage with Watercolor on Vintage Book Covers, 20″x58″ (Right) Fred Stonehouse, Smoker (Detail)

Hofheimer Gallery
4823 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60625