Nancy Natow-Cassidy

My paintings live in the space between abstraction and impressionism, exploring color and shape as energy and vibration. Nature is where I begin, and as a dancer, I often physically trace out shapes and forms, dancing them into my body. I often use long branches as extensions of my arms and move through space before painting, opening up my body and brain connection. I have been very fortunate this covid year, to have been able to essentially hide out in nature, studying the reflections of light on water and land, and the twisting and open shapes of forests, dunes, deserts and flowers. This resulted in large-scale work that was created by alternately being still for very long periods, observing, and by the flow of moving in the landscape, gathering that energy and dancing it back onto the canvas.  

I also really enjoy bringing into a gallery space, images of nature and the world that we usually overlook. Beauty is everywhere.