Monika Sula

My work constitutes visual metaphors for the mind, emerging from the analysis, confluence, and synthesis of idea, concept, and philosophy.

I have developed a fondness of, and appreciation for, the austere and the direct (the result of living at a Zen center and devoting a number of years to the study and practice of Zen), yet I have a passion for paradoxical expression.

My paradoxes utilize high metaphors to construct secondary and local analogies, which fuse the sacred and the profane, symbolism and irony. I delight in the use of double symbolism; thus, my titles complete the paintings and impart those extra dimensions and meanings.

Frequent motifs in my paintings are animated toys, at once suspended between life and non-life. In search of answers, they plunge into forgetful dreams, or stand out in their highly ornate clothes on unexpectedly ornate backgrounds, captured at the moments of their insights or revelations. Their world is a mosaic made of artificial jewels on magnificent landscapes, sparkling with the glow of starlight and the twilight of dusk.

My works are theatrical masks of the soul, and are reflective of my own journey through life and through art.