Missy Dahl

As an artist, naturally, I live on the ten seconds a day it takes to pull out my moleskine, jot something down to remind me of inspiration and put it away. Every couple of months, I begin a new moleskine which leaves the past forgotten; and my train of thought continues on through them. I am telling you this because, as I move into a new series, I look through my past notebooks to see how my train of thought took me from one collection to another.

I have found in the books of doodles and poems, that in falling in love, settling down from traveling, and sticking around in this new city I have finally found time to stop and reflect. That’s what this series ‘Memories’ is for me. This is a time where I can reflect while studying other peoples lives. Through my fascination of other peoples memories and how they have shaped their lives, and my own personal reflection, I have been able to artistically loosen up my edges. I have pushed my understanding of the way paint moves and allow my personal style to shine through my classical background.

This series has opened me up to new and exciting styles and taught me through the moments of other peoples lives, the importance of standing still.