Mimi Peterson and Terry Luc at Blue Moon Gallery

Mimi Peterson | Assemblages on Canvas

Topography Series, Measuring the Earth 
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 24, 6-9pm
2nd Reception: Saturday, July 22, 6-9pm
Open Weekends 1-4pm  

The genealogy of Mimi Peterson’s Topography Series, Measuring the Earth is rooted in the force of its salvaged material. Assemblage, as medium, and the dimension in which it exists from its historic frame of reference to contextual memories, is a centuries old process found in primitive cultures and practiced in contemporary art. Its methodology touches on the social connectivity between relevant content and material. 

As if seen from an aerial view, Peterson’s “hunt, gather, build, play” ritual yields ideas about our existential environmental challenges. Imaginary terrains are characterized by flat planes and undulating movement, a kaleidoscope of color and deep shadows. Forms and shapes morph into hills and valleys as signs of people, places, seasons, and vegetation are absorbed by surrounding ecotones. 

Borders are drawn and redrawn – whether galactic systems, nations, or gerrymandering. Places are named and renamed; people immigrate. Such changes are often the result of world crisis, but instead of disappearing, pluralist societies are kept alive in today’s hybrid art.  

“My work has an affinity for chance and experiment as I search for some center of gravity.” — Mimi Peterson

On View through August 6.

Terry Luc | Modern Cubism & Pop Art

Guest Pop-Up Artist 

One Night Only Saturday, June 24, 6-9pm
Experiencing Terry Luc’s art is a color-blast of the mythic, the exotic, and the other-worldly. His compositions feature juxtapositions of iconic pop culture imagery with surrealistic settings. The result is vibrant, mysterious, color-saturated art that commands your attention with its unique style. 

“For me, art is rhythm, color, and beauty. It is never timid. It should grab you. Complementary colors should vibrate. You should be drawn in by graceful lines and “s” curves. It should feel like almost a musical experience.” — Terry Luc
Come experience Terry Luc’s world of Modern Cubism, Pop Culture & Everything Tiki!

Blue Moon Gallery
18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL 60030