Michael Wiehle

As a self taught artist, Michael Wiehle’s fascination with two movements, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, led him on an artistic quest to use techniques and styles from both genres to create a new, modern approach. He works in oil on canvas or linen, and is currently proceeding through a series of pre-planned steps to develop this style.

An example of this blended technique, Impressionist paintings include relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes; while Post-Impressionists used thick application of paint with more distinctive brush strokes. If one accepts that neither approach is wrong, is there a workable middle ground? Or does the effect of each particular technique disappear when compromised? Does subject matter and composition dictate one technique over the other, and if so, does rigidly sticking to a personal style without flexibility destroy the opportunity to maximize the potential of a painting.

To view the process in action look to his painting “Consultation”. The heavy impasto of Post-Impressionists and Modern Impressionist was toned down, but the brush strokes were larger and thicker than those associated with Impressionism. The sky includes increasing angles for movement (Impressionism), but is formulated with unnatural colors – greens and purples (Post-Impressionism).

You may view Michael Wiehle’s paintings, both sold and available, at www.facebook.com/mikewiehle