Mays Mayhew

People who view my work often say that the work creates a story that reflects their own. Quite often, that story is one of overcoming struggle or peaceful nostalgia.

I create artwork that helps people immerse themselves in the calm chaos or subtle dualities. I render the figure realistically because I want the viewer to identify with the subject matter. It’s my goal to create a beautiful image that mirrors their (the viewer’s) journey.

I draw repeated human figures, which could be the same person in a different pose or different persons like sisters or twins. The twosome weaves an untold narrative hinting at the viewer’s own. Imperfect repetition causes dualities mirrored by the ones the viewer has internally.

I’ve worked on several heroine narrative series for the last four years. I use young children (my children) mirrored or duplicated to represent the heroine. I choose to use graphite pencils for the hauntingly beautiful silver monochromic environment they create.

I need to create beautiful, distinctive, and expressive pieces.