Mary Tumulty

Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, I generally work with mixed media.

I like mixing materials working with irony and contrast. I find a balance between comedy and tragedy that I feel should have it’s presence be known. I have been creating art my entire life and always try to work from personal experiences. I use art and creating to put meaning behind hurtful things and feelings. I try to put beauty and purpose to pain.

I studied fine art briefly in Canton, Illinois, from 2004 through 2006 at Spoon River College. However, I am primarily self-taught. I work with recycled materials usually, as I feel it helps portray the use of nonsense into something useful. I also feel that you can take the same advantage of painful experiences in life and put them into something positive and creative.

I think art is something that I personally use to help add a sense of control in a life where there are so many uncertainties. I think we grasp to things to find some greatness in our existence, when really we are subject to countless events that we have little or no say in. Art and creating might be the only godly trait we have. We have the capability of controlling substances with our hands and organically calling them our own.