Marta Sytniewski

My greatest passion and calling in life is to help people through my art. Inspired by St. Faustina’s vision of the Divine Mercy painting, I decided to paint what I think is morally and intellectually significant to society. St. Faustina’s painting was intended to illustrate to the masses that God’s love extends to those who are rejected by society and condemned by law. I intend to delegate psychosocial knowledge and suggest constructive behaviors in my work. I completed a B.A. in Psychology degree from Northeastern Illinois University in 2011 and have earned a A.A. degree from Wilbur Wright College in 2006. I have studied art academically at both universities, independently form literature and practice, and privately in apprenticeship with my mom, Anna Jelen, M.F.A., since early childhood. My educational experiences equipped me with a solid literary and artistic background to accomplish my psychosocial and contemporary paintings and they remain an active influence upon my work.

In composing my art, I review latest research and literature on a topic that I think is socially or psychologically significant. I draft several sketches in deciding how to visually communicate this knowledge in original applied narratives.  Research functions as support and reference for the predominant themes of positive action, hope, love, peace and understanding in my work. In order to address a diverse audience with positive messages, I utilize traditional and contemporary painting styles, reference social sciences, current events and everyday situations. I aim to maximize the informative potential of my work, to stress its emotionally charged presentation and to continually improve upon its technical and aesthetic appeal.