Lydia Larson

I believe there are multiple realities that exist at the same time. I feel that the physical world is not all there is. I imagine many simultaneous events that link together in a highly organized way, even though everything can seem so utterly random. Perhaps our everyday events fit among a higher order and just maybe, there is a common thread weaving in and out of the lines of every history there ever was, tying us all together. Perhaps, we are these very threads stitched into a colorful and profound synchronistic quilt.

I am interested in exploring the narrative in painting and attempting to redefine the sublime. My most recent work depicts an invented narrative describing the delivery of a message. The message itself represents various forms of long distance communication. Each traveling message holds the potential to create a new link, event, or story. Each painting is a little world, an isolated but necessary stage in which a story will unfold, intimately connecting to the next. In my own journey as a painter, an ongoing investigation occurs concerning: rootlessness, voyages, spiritual forces, displacement, what it means to sojourn, place, time, and the great struggle and triumph of communicating.