Luna Prysiazhniuk

When I first arrived in Chicago, I was impressed by the Kanyon of skyscrapers and bascule bridge structures. I was deeply impressed with how architecture comes to life with every move of the sun rails, how the city develops its color-mood with every shadow change. The city made me fall in love with every single alley and massive industrial building.

I instantly started making a plein air to capture the beauty of the movement, and the feeling of freedom—the most important in my art is a connection with the place and community. Through my art, I have a conversation with the terrain, architecture, landscape, and people. The art provokes people for discussion and interaction right at the moment.

When I make a painting, I feel the connection with the architects who built those structures. They are not longer with us, but the structure forms will stay for a hundred years. Everything that an architect wanted to say to the world he put into his project, and through my art, I decrypt their language through shape, color, and space. The cities always fill with new modern structures, which start a unique story and dialog every time.