Luis Sahagun

My artwork takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues.  I draw attention to Good vs. Evil and an introduction to an invisible war that justifies pain, suffrage and the difficulties of human life.

In my art concept comes first coupled with execution.  Usually, a realistic drawing and/or painting takes center stage followed by the background which is created intuitively and with spontaneity. My art then becomes a mixed media creation both figurative and abstract with expressive qualities.

Using the street environment as my inspiration allows me to blur the line between high and low art.  By using urban materials and a contemporary process I create a merge between academia and street art.  Furthermore, I connect my artwork with historical context such as Greek / Roman mythology and symbolic meanings from nature.  The outcome challenges the audience to re-evaluate their preconceived notions of which materials are accepted as beautiful in art.   It also allows them to examine antecedent subject matter with a new and distinctively personal interpretation.

Having been born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in the urban setting of Chicago Heights, Illinois gave me the foundation for my art.  Drawing cartoons and creating imaginative superheroes was my coping mechanism to my childhood problems. Hence, my art is clear indication of how I see the world and how I battle with the invisible earth bound war.

Currently I am working on assemblages that are composed of technique mixte (method of painting), charcoal drawings, wood palettes, burned cardboard, screen prints, spray paint, photographic image transfers, acrylic/oil paint, and found objects.  I plan to include video, digital illustration, and performance to my future body of work.