Luis DeLaTorre

My work expresses the multiplicity of experiences and observations from within my own life. As an artist, who grew up Mexican in the heart of the United States of America my paintings reveal two cultures, two histories and two distinct worlds fused together into a single enigmatic hallucination. The dreamlike scenes in my paintings often hail from diverse lands that fuel my imagination – the real and the subconscious, the urban and the mythical, the traditional and the contemporary. I often feed my muse a diet of U.S. pop culture, current world events, and rituals that mimic ancient ceremonies, then I starve her with sleep deprivation exercises to see what she reveals. Like an archaeologist, Digging deep into my subconscious in order to unearth metaphors from the past into the present to create art that speaks of universal issues which affects us all from the effects of spiraling economies to the commoditization of cultures and humanity.