Kyle Van Heck

If all stories have a beginning and an ending, you will find me somewhere in the middle, constantly creating the role of the lead character who will allow the others to see who they truly are inside. Our world has become overrun with images and information, all of it passing before our eyes which can only absorb the smallest fraction of data, process it, and delete it in order to make room for so…mething else. However, within the overflow of information that we have created and which we now live, there is ample opportunity for education, transformation and realization. In reality, things are never as they seem, nor as we intended them to be.

The mediums in which I create my work, were never intended to be used as such, yet almost as soon as newspapers were printed they were being used for purposes other than that which was intended. Not only does this process re-purpose old material, but it takes original images or pieces of images intended to make a certain message and turns them upside-down or into something else entirely, creating a message built out of small pieces of pop culture than says something infinitely larger as a whole. Still even seen as a whole, the process by which my art is created allows the individual to break down the piece into its original components and draw further meaning from their own point of view. In the end what is created is a work of art with a specific message that can still be interpreted in as many different ways as there are people who view it.

Through the use of news paper as a medium and the addition of other materials such as oil paints, spray paints, old books, electrical wire, plastics, children’s toys, and other recycled, re-purposed or reused materials, it is possible not only to create art, but further to create something out of that with was once rendered as nothing. Order from chaos, a puzzle from the pieces, a message from the fragment, a key to the cipher…