Kristen Neveu

My artwork examines the passing of time and the day-to-day struggles and triumphs that move life forward. Fascinated with both nature and urban environments, I attempt to capture delicate details and cycles of transformation that often occur in everyday moments. Buildings are torn down, branches suddenly bloom, objects are left behind, and people come and go. In my art, I’m addressing the fleeting feelings of isolation and comfort that can result in these periods of change and stasis, and the sense of wonder that the world and its movements give me.

In my paintings, I combine multiple artistic mediums by experimenting with salvaged materials such as recycled vintage magazines, strips of used wood and scraps of torn photographs. Much like a cultural anthropologist, I sift through layers of repetitive shapes and gradations of material in order to reflect the passage of time. My paintings then evolve into detailed and textured storybooks that embody a yearning for the past, an image-based connection to the present and bold flashes of possible future worlds.