Kevin Swallow

Architecture and cityscapes are my inspiration for creating paintings, photographs, and mixed media. I’m attracted to older infrastructure elements and like to document rooftop water tanks, elevated train tracks, steel bridges, and industrial era buildings. My art is influenced by the unlimited sights, sounds, and colors of the city – working to capture the textures and sensations of the urban landscape. Rooftop water tanks are a unique architectural element in our cities – especially in Chicago and New York. They are a link to our industrial past and a disappearing element of the skyline. Because these structures are vanishing, I photograph them and then make paintings based on those images.

I value the process of creating art and sometimes experiment with different materials and techniques such as scraping paint, collage, or using spray paint. I draw inspiration and ideas from the city environment, music, architecture, abstract expressionism, pop art, street art/graffiti, and technology.