Kerry Shea

Experimenting in order to create something new began early. That infinite quest to alter reality grows stronger. Throughout my formal education, I constantly pushed the boundaries of traditional expression while finding “imperfection” most intriguing. (I graduated with a bachelor of science in art education, cum laude, from Edgewood College, Madison, WI, and taught in public schools.) Since discovering the power of clay as a vehicle to comment on the human condition my work is evolving to uncover a vast range of emotions. In my expressionistic figures, the subconscious and intuition share the largest role as they always progress of their own accord. Each creative experience varies but often includes humor along with a revelation of life’s challenges. The joy of sculpting comes through creating images drawn from dreams and real experiences which later elicit diverse responses. I truly enjoy the discourse initiated by uncovering the meaning behind my own and other artists’ works. Capturing honest emotions in clay furthers an understanding of what it means to be human.