Judith Bobbe

I love oil paint. It is earthy, gritty, elemental, ethereal, like air, like dirt. It helps me to convey the experience of what inspires me in the fluctuating, and enduring forces of nature.

Through layers of mark making, pushing, pulling, dragging and scrubbing through paint, I build and excavate. I cultivate a sense of the forces of change inherent in the natural world. The process of working with paint, layering and erasing through, leaves textures on the canvas which evoke impermanence and change.

Endlessly fascinated by discovering the possibilities of how colors interact, creating light and space, I enter into a union between form and formlessness, inner and outer universes. I want to convey the inspiration, the sustenance of nature.

Physicality, emotion, memory, intuition, time and timelessness are all wound up together.

For me the mysterious sources of life are compelled to be expressed, through the elements and the pleasures of paint.

Website: judithbobbe.com