Joseph Kayne

Joseph Kayne photographs the American landscape, and Heartland, and Native American archaeological sites with a 4×5 large format view camera. His latest project, entitled “Chicagoesque,” portrays a unique view of his native Chicago.  Joe’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and private collections across the country. His clients include The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, CF Martin Guitar, and the U.S. Department of Energy.  Joe has a rare collection of large format images of the tallgrass prairies.  He was one of the first color photographers to portray the Anasazi archeological sites and dwellings as an art form, and he is well known for his barn images. Joe’s interest in photography started while he was working in archaeology in Egypt and Israel during his college years. He received an art grant from the

City of Chicago and has been a featured lecturer at the View Camera Magazine Large Format Photography Conference. Joe’s publication credits include: Lenswork Magazine, View Camera magazine, Coldwater Creek, Sierra Club, Arizona Highways, Audubon Calendars (cover), Nature Conservancy, Photo Life magazine, Natural History magazine, and the Chicago Tribune.  Joe was a featured photographer and named a “Lord of the Landscape” in Outdoor Photographer magazine’s landscape collector’s issue and is recognized as a long time large format nature photographer.