Joanne Aono

Dualities, comparisons, and contrasts are prominent components of my work, stemming from experiences as a twin and as a Japanese-American. My drawings and paintings, often diptychs, pair positive and negative space, realism and abstraction, as well as a limited palette of two groupings of color.

Comprised of text and image, my artworks are quiet pieces with intricate details, holding layers of information. In defining my identity culturally and as a twin, I pursue unique and signifying characteristics under the surface of similarities. The text comes from my observations, research, and analysis on subjects ranging from an individual’s storied life, to Lake Michigan and the hidden geological wonders beneath its changing waters, to the science and sociology of being a twin. The fading words and minimal imagery provide glimpses of information, as a means of exploring seeing and interpretation, memory and knowledge, along with reading and retention.