Jill King

I am inspired by the glowing vital forces that make up all creation. My dimensional paintings and sculptures take the viewer on a journey from the smallest elements of creation, such as a seed under a microscope and to vast galaxies light years away. I am intrigued by the idea of creating tangible art forms based on invisible cosmic forces. My organic artworks highlight the glory and intricacy of the natural world and represent the cycles of life through the power of growth and transformation. My work is constructed out of a wide range of permanent materials, such as powdered pigments, soldered steel, wire, parachute fabric, silk, acrylic gels and fiberglass. Formed by stretching a sturdy fabric over a linear steel construction, my art looks like fantastical, botanical drawings, flying kites or celestial cloud formations that have come to life on canvas or in three dimensional sculptures.

Website: www.JillKingStudio.com