Jeanne LaCasse

My paintings begin long before I walk into my studio.

Upon entering, I see scrawled on the wall French police jargon “Traces Suspectes en Surface” which serves as a reminder that “Things are not as they seem”. As a teenager, Transcendentalism &
Metaphysics captured my imagination; philosophies that remain nestled in my subconscious. The intrigue of what lies beyond human sense perception ignites my creative process.

Through the deliberative yet experimental handling of materials my “metaphysical dreamscapes” slowly emerge. Curiosity & Intuition are my companions in that liminal space wherein the invisible becomes visible. The gestation period is joyful, playful, meditative. As my paintings assume a life of their own, the delicate, intimate, pas de deux ensues, where I simultaneously need to be in command and out of control.

My repertoire of embedded images, investigations, musings & mental meanderings are what enable me to create work that encapsulates places I’ve been, places I’ve never been, places that I long to go to.