Janet Mamon

Janet Mamon’s approach to artwork is a manifestation of her belief that we all possess strong creative energies within ourselves, energies that are often unrecognized and untapped. Her pieces exhibit her own evolving creative development, accessed through a dedicated journey of self-discovery, courageous experimentation and thoughtful interactions and relationships with others. She believes everyone can find and utilize their own interpretations of the beautiful realities of the world around and within each of us, by opening our minds and hearts to exciting possibilities and unlimited degrees of personal enlightenment.

Ms. Mamon sees her work as a reflection of her own life’s story, and through their strong emotional themes, directly taps into the common human experience. She describes the direction of her quest to be “in search of the essence of the mind, spirit and soul, in search of the beauty of light and space. For in that search, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.” Ms. Mamon’s pieces manifest her philosophy, her direction and her desires, and allow us to share in her vision, her life and her love.