Jamie Link

Jamie Link can best be described as an optimistic and adventurous soul. He learned to ski at age four. He backpacked through Europe at age seven. Since then he’s tackled helicopter snowboarding in the backcountry, rafting and even sky diving. But his favorite pursuit is driving his award winning 2001 Jeep which he built and designed himself to maneuver treacherous terrains in the western United States. Along the way Jamie always brought his camera to capture these escapades. Several years ago Jamie lost his father to cancer. That event caused Jamie to re-evaluate his life. He was attending school full time and working as a bartender leaving little time for anything else. He decided to return to the adventurous activities that once brought him the most joy. Jamie combined his passion for these adventures with his love of photography.

Soon friends and acquaintances began admiring his photography and purchasing his artwork. That’s when he decided to pursue photography full-time. Today Jamie Link concentrates on producing art-inspired photography of city/rural landscapes, architecture, sunsets, extreme sports, and people.

Jamie Link’s work has recieved wide spread recognition. His Photography has been featured by the highly selective international online magazine Photoextract.com that showcases top photographers from around the world. Most recently they selected Jamie as one of top 12 photographers of the day (12/16/2011 & 1/6/2012.) His photos repeatedly get picked to headline as editors’ photo of the day shots at Capturemychicago.com. He’s also attracting attention from Chicago institutions depicted in his photos.

Jamie’s photos artfully capture the primitive beauty of nature to produce strikingly serene and inviting landscapes. He continuously works to find new subjects and opportunities to expand his art photography so visit his website often to find his latest works.

Website: www.jamielinkphotography.com