George Shipperley

To be an artist means to have an insatiable appetite to create and explore. We are not hobbyists; we are innovators: always searching for new and original thoughts. Although my work is mostly comprised of landscapes and still life, the subject is not my priority. Interpretation through feeling and emotion is. That is how we distinguish ourselves from others. How we paint, not what we paint, is the essence of a good work of art. For example, the trees and landscape should reflect their poetry and grace, not just their structure. The sky and the land must stir our emotions by the very nature of their rhythm and communication with each other. Only then will we as artists convey the true meaning of a work of art.

With the exception of CityScapes and portraits, the majority of my work is imaginery. I prefer this method because it allows me the unlimited freedom of design and composition, and not just the rendering of a photograph.

As for the medium, I prefer pastels, mostly oil pastel because of its versatility and extraordinary selection of colors.