Blue Moon Gallery Art Events — July 22

Guest Artist: Trace Chiodo | The Striking Faces of Golf

Trace Chiodo - Grid

EVERY ROUND OF GOLF BEGINS WITH A DRIVER. The Striking Faces of Golf is a collection of abstract illustrations depicting the striking face surfaces of vintage wooden golf clubs. Drawing from his experiences in the world of golf, Trace explores line, shape, and color to characterize the individual beauty of each club. The illustrations are distilled down to a minimalistic form creating a geometric visual language that evokes memories of playing golf with traditional wooden clubs. This series is a sampling of the historical timeline of golf’s number 1 club, the driver. 

Digital illustrations printed on a hot press with archival pigment ink on watercolor paper. Archivally matted & framed. 

Opening Reception — Saturday, July 22, 6-9pm

2nd Reception — Saturday, August 26, 6-9pm

On view through September 10 | Open Weekends 1-4pm

Blue Moon Gallery | 18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL 

Guest Artist: Colleen Steenhagem | Spirit Sticks, Story Stones, Cyanotype & Watercolor Prints 

Colleen Steenhagen -- Print

PLUS: NEW one-of-a-kind Spirit Hues Pendants made from burned, painted, waxed & embellished driftwood. Each comes on a cord with a small gemstone bead. Great gifts or just something nice for yourself. “The creative process for me is a collaboration with Spirit. I am hopeful that, as with me, this work may elicit an emotion or stir up a vague memory or two of places or moments inspired by mystery and knowing.” — Colleen Steenhagen

Opening Reception — Saturday, July 22, 6-9pm

On view through August 20 | Open Weekends 1-4pm.

Blue Moon Gallery | 18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL 

Guest Artist: Kristin Ashley | ONE NIGHT ONLY — July 22 — 6-9pm

Kristin Ashley -- Lammas

ON THE BRICKS: Photo Montages & Paintings 

Inspired by her love of nature photography and her expertise with computers, color, and composition, Kristin creates unique digital works of art by layering her own photographs and utilizing Adobe Photoshop’s filters and effects. Weaving images into a dreamlike tapestry that represents her dreams and visions, her montages take on an otherworldly appearance, rich in color and symbolism. Drawing from her lifelong interest in symbols, mythology and archetypes, Kristin has created a mystical world through her art that melds the reality of nature with the magic of the unseen world.

Enjoy art, live music, and socializing on a summer night at the Blue Moon!

Blue Moon Gallery | 18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL