Ellen Holtzblatt

Ellen Holtzblatt is a Chicago-based artist who creates woodblock prints that are often personal studies of biblical themes. Holtzblatt completed a book of woodcuts based on the biblical flood as an allegory of rebirth and spiritual purification. The woodcut prints explore the archetype of journeying through water as a mirror of the stark reality of human existence – death, sex, gestation and birth. She has also recently explored the biblical narrative of Hana, developing personal connections to Hana’s stages of fertility and subsequent birthing.

Holtzblatt received her B.F.A. and graduate certificate in art therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also earned her M.Ed. in special education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Holtzblatt has exhibited her work at diverse venues, including the Lancaster Museum of Art, ARC Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center, Little Black Pearl, Woman Made Gallery and Cuentos Foundation.

Website: www.ellenholtzblatt.com