Elephant Room Gallery Presents Their Annual 12×12 Holiday Group Art Exhibition

Elephant Room Gallery is excited to present their annual 12×12 holiday art exhibition featuring over 60 visual artists. The exhibition opens on Saturday, December 10th with an all day reception from 12 to 8pm. The exhibition will be up through December 31st but collectors who purchase work and need them for gift-giving may take them home the same day of purchase. The gallery is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago. More information can be found on the gallery’s website: www.elephantroomgallery.com

The roster of artists is still Chicago-focused but this year’s 12×12 is a bit different from the others as the gallery also hosted an open call for submissions. Exhibiting artists include Abraham, Alice Lam, Amir, Azadeh Hussaini, Beata Chrzanowska, Braimah Lawal, Brian Dovie Golden, Chantala Kommanivanh, CHema Skandal!, Christopher White, Clue?, Crush Entity , Cydney M. Lewis, Cujo Dah, DAREMELIFE, Darin Latimer, Diamond Hardiman, Dredske, Ewrks, Fonté , Ish Muhammad, James Sturnfield, Jay McKay, Jeff Pak, Jennifer Cronin, Jerome Tiunayan, Jillian Tackaberry, John Yaou, Joyce Polance, JUJU, Justin Suico, Kalief Dinkins, Karen Remsen, Keelan McMorrow, Kyli Hawks, Le Panther, Lo Marie, Louis Barak, Lynn Tsan, Mark Sarmel, Martha A. Wade, Myron Laban, Michael Green, Mosher, Nez, Pugs Atomz, Rae Denise, Ravi Arupa, Raya, Renee Robbins, Rine Boyer, Reddor, Sally Ko, Samantha Fellows, Shanna Zentner, Thalo Halo, TotesFerosh, Tianna Bracey, Van Dam One, Yams, Yuqing Zhu, Zach Bartz, & Zor Zor Zor.