Doug Frohman

How the unseen moves on and impacts what is seen – the wind across rivers and trees; how chemical elements combine and result in new substances. These are the touch-points and sources I’m inspired by and draw upon in my work.

The Natural World

There’s a certain visual coherence we all recognize in the natural world – how certain things are arranged, where objects sit in the visual field and how relationships are established to give a scene its recognizable reality. My aim is to construct a similar sense of coherence and lyrical correspondence in the non-objective visual world.

Abstract Narratives

These “Abstract Narratives” (oil on wood panel) unfold in ways that create relationships and interactions across the visual field with small separations between each panel to suggest film frames and sequential narratives over time.

A story is in its formative stages, but the scenarios, characters and dramas unfolding are different for every viewer – depending on the associations and connections they make.

Paintings within paintings

The narratives contain compositions (structures) within larger compositions – the micro within the macro – again mimicking the elegant construction of nature. As each story unfolds, these cells and related elements build associatively to construct the on-going narrative.

Doug Frohman
Chicago, 2011