David Hauptschein

David Hauptschein is a Chicago-based artist, playwright, screenwriter, and impresario. Hauptschein is currently (2022) working on several series of photo-based digital paintings. Hauptschein exhibits regularly at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, where he maintains a studio. He’s also a member of the Water Street Studio Collective, a large art center in Batavia, Illinois, where he has had a solo show and exhibits regularly.

In addition, he has published three volumes of his pictures: The Unreality Show (2021), Altered Ego: Self Portraits (2020), and The Mask Behind the Mask (2017). He has also published two collections of his plays, An Alchemy of Flesh and Other Plays (2021) and When the Walls Have Ears and Other Plays (2020).

Website: www.hauptschein.com

Contact:  hauptschein@ameritech.net