Brian Sindler

Artist Statement

I once stated on a public forum that artists often say, ” just paint shapes.” Then I asked, “are you so concerned with painting shapes that you forgot why you painted in the first place? I received a response from a fellow artist who said, “all painting is just shapes; just depends how much you want to refine them”. I responded, “Perhaps but it’s kind of like saying all life is just carbon.”

The artist Mark Rothko famously said, “There is no such thing as good painting about nothing,” I am driven to create works of art that capture the emotion and feeling of night. The peacefulness in the evening is the mood I’m most interested in conveying. Nighttime is the painter’s equivalent to music in a minor key. I hope that looking at my work the viewer will feel a sense of calm.


A painter of tonalist landscapes, Brian Sindler received his art training at the American Academy of Art and the French-style atelier School of Representational Art. A former musician, Brian did not take up painting until his early 30’s. Since then, his emotive landscapes have claimed numerous awards, including the 2018 Gold Medal at the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, 2018 Best of Show at Paint Grand Traverse, 2015 Best New Artist to Easton, and 2011 Best of Show at the Door County Plein Air Festival. Recent Publication include “3 to Watch,” Fine Art Connoisseur and the featured article and cover of Plein Air Magazine.