Brad Samuelson

I have always had an interest in art since early childhood. Whether it was sketching on a piece of paper or taking a lump of clay and forging it into some of my favorite characters.

Asided from drawing and illustrating, my true passion has always been sculpting. Movies, science fiction, animation, daily experiences, and my vivid imagination are crucial tools that I rely on for inspiration.

Each sculpture is unique in its own style by the use of gesture and expression that is captured to emphasize the dramatic action and pose of the piece.  It is crucial to have each piece suggest a narrative or display expressive movement to demonstrate how each character reacts to certain situations in everyday life. Sculpting allows me to create pieces that may trigger an emotion or feeling that captures the very essence or mood of the viewer. Each piece is hand sculpted in clay and bronze cast using the lost wax method.

Sculptures range in size from small to life-size in scale. Every piece that is sculpted is designed with you in mind. Themes include everything from animals, to figurative, wildlife, fantasy, even customized sculptures.

All pieces are limited in edition. They will never lose their value and will only grow in value as future editons are sold out. Bronze requires very little or no maintainence and will last a lifetime.