Bonnie Lecat

I am currently exploring subject matter that exemplifies both beauty and irony. Exaggerated scale and unexpected recurring surface textures unify the body of work, while adding another visual element and inviting the viewer to question the painting process. I begin each painting by layering paints, waxes and plasters in a way that is meant to indicate age through replication of a time worn surface such as deteriorating stone or weathered metal. I am presently drawn to subject matter that has a sense of irony, such as a decaying statue of an angel, an ornate and patinated gate, or a bird nest with eggs, both of which are used to support and nurture life, yet have a decidedly delicate composition. Birds are a consistent theme for me because of their decorative nature and symbolism. They have been a source of inspiration to artists for centuries and have been used to represent a variety of ideas such as freedom, resurrection, and beauty.

My hope is that people are not only captivated and delighted by the images in my work, but are also moved to question the meaning or purpose of the subject matter; thereby opening the door to some thought provoking concepts that will be personal and unique to each viewer.