Bill Stone

A child playing the violin.

A late February snow.

A beautiful garden.

A merciless beating.

An abusive priest.

A random shooting.

You feel it all.

You put it down with texture,

movement and passion.

You make them look at it.

The highly emotionally charged paintings of artist Bill Stone are dense with feeling. Energetic thick strokes create a weight and sense of elegance to his vibrant abstract works and adds vital spirit to his expressive figures. Mr. Stone’s work invites the viewer to become lost in a myriad of color, texture and movement while challenging internal reflection, emotion and response. As a radically observant artist, Mr. Stone is able to conceptualize his passionate instincts onto the canvas, capturing the power of universal breath and vitality.

Bill Stone studied painting and commercial art at Vesper George School of Art in Boston, MA. His art career began as an illustrator /graphic designer for a magazine publisher in Dedham, MA. The next 25 years Bill spent as an art director and creative director for a major international advertising agency in Chicago. Creating storyboards for television commercials with very little turnaround time required a fast and loose drawing style that carried over into his painting. In 2004 Mr. Stone began exhibiting his work and can be found in many private collections around the country.