Bill Moran

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964. Bill received his MFA degree in painting from Northwestern University and his BFA degree in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design. He shows his work extensively in the Chicago area. His work has been exhibited at the University of Illinois, C.J. Jung Institute of Chicago, Elmhurst Museum of Art, Maloney Copper Gallery, Gallery 312, among others. He currently exhibits at Morpho Gallery (Chicago), Heavanston Gallery (Evanston, IL) and William Lutz Gallery (Cape Cod, Mass.).

He works full time as an artist, art organizer and educator. He is also the Principal of MoranStudios, which commissions large scale art projects and installations in various media, including painted murals, mosaic, dyed concrete and stained glass.

Painting primarily from memory, Bill Moran explores his subject matter through a palette of ethereal color. His figures appear dreamlike, wafting and floating throughout the compositional space. Moran’s narrative paintings call to mind musings of domesticity, remembrance and comfort. His work, sometimes referred to as, Magical Realism, often evoke a sense of menace, juxtaposed with a sense of humor or absurdity. Moran handles his subject matter with the confident hand of an exceptionally talented artist.